Kenzo’s self cleaning effect is thanks to its amazing hydrophobic properties which comes from the coating’s ability to create a very low surface tension. Dust, dirt, tree saps and contaminants will only sit on top of the coated surface and gets washed off easily with water. Contaminants that does manage to attach to the coatings are removed easily without the need to use any aggressive mechanical process.


It took a whole year to develop Kenzo that is able to truly bring out a rich and natural gloss on the paintwork. The combination of a skilled Master Paint Correction and Kenzo is the ultimate combination that make heads turn when you drive your Kenzo coated vehicle along a busy street.


Dead bugs and droppings are the bane of all paint. They are highly acidic and if left long enough, it will cause permanent damage to your paint. Traditional waxes and sealants are unable to protect against them. What happens is when they dries under the heat of the sun and when moisture is added back to them, the etching process begins on your paint. With Kenzo, dead bugs and bird poops are no longer able to damage the paintwork due to the high acid resistance of Kenzo.